Town Hall 12 War Base | Best Base

Town hall 12 war base

Town Hall 12 War Base | Best Base Ever Clan Wars are the most important part of that game. Winning wars can give more loot. To win the war, it is important to set up a good base that can save stars. So, we are here to tell you much more about war base settings. In town hall 12 the mostly strategy used to get more stars is balloon, valkery or bowlers. We are going to show you how to set your base to safe stars. Town hall 12 war base…

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Town Hall 12 Home Base | Best Base

Town Hall 12 Home Base | Best Base Ever In the home base TH 12, It is very important to save loot and trophies. Storages should be at save position and protected with defense both air and ground. Collectors should also in the range of defense. By winning the attacking player will get trophies and promoted in next leagues.  Townhall should be in the center to protect 1 star. There must be space between thongs to spend more time of attacker. Town hall 12 home base Town hall 12 Home…

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