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Power Gamers (pronunciation: POW-uh, gey-mers)

About Powertothegamers

Gaming is one of the best things on internet world. our project powertothegamers is mainly purposed that we provide information about games. all kind of games included android and PC games. power gamers provide the download link for games and apps which you provide the fastest link to download your desired apps or games.

powertothegamers is started in 2018 and served to our users. We also believe that opinions are vital and wonderful, eschewing confused notions of ‘objectivity’ in favor of flavored, nuanced and intelligent views and comment, whether it be raised eyebrows or furrowed brows at corporate claims, or exploding, delighted hearts at gaming wonders about PC and Android games.

We endeavor to cover as many interesting games about PC and Android as we can, but with literally twenty or so PC and Android games being released on just Steam every day, we obviously can’t write about everything. As amazing as your game may be, it was one amongst dozens of amazing games, amongst thousands of emails that pour in every week. We try our best, but we’re seven people working flat out. Some smaller great games will get missed, others just aren’t that great and we choose not to cover them.

(Quick tip: it’s a good idea to direct your email to the writer you think is most suited to your game, and briefly say why. And most of all, don’t ask if we want codes, just include codes!)

Oh, and before you send that press release about your new iPhone game or link to a dog playing the Zelda theme tune on a nose flute, please remember that we are a PC and android site. Just PC and Android, You wouldn’t believe how many people haven’t noticed that.

The absolute best way to get in touch with us is via email.  And there’s no harm sending a follow-up email if you didn’t hear back.

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