Avengers Endgame Free To Download

Avengers Endgame Free To Download

Avengers Endgame (2019) Free To Download

Avengers Endgame is one of the biggest and most interesting productions of the Marvel Studios. GB Whatsapp It is released after the successful sequel of Avengers Infinity War. The story behind Avengers Endgame is very interesting. The story starts from Avengers Infinity War. In which all the super heroes of marvel studios combined togather and fight against Thanos and his army. Thanos which playing as a role of strongest villain in infinity war. The aim of Thanos is to rule the universe including all the planets. But in order to rule on universe he needs infinity stones. Avengers Endgame Free To Download.

Infinity stones are divided into six parts. These six infinity stones hold six different powers. Any one who is capable of wearing these six infinity stones at a time will be the most powerful man of the universe. No body can defeat him. Due to this reason Thanos wants these infinity stones. But the reason behind these stones is that they are hidden on different planets of the universe. In order to gain these infinity stones Thanos sent his army to different planets in search of these stones.

Story About Infinity War

Actually in the start of Avengers Infinity War it is shown that Thanos attacks on Thor ship. Thor was moving towards earth with his people when Hela destroys the Asgard in Thor Ragnarock. Thanos destroys Thor ship and kill the people of Asgard. Thanos gains the infinity stone from loki and kill him. Thor was helpless before Thanos also he have no weapon with which he can fight with Thanos. Also Thanos was wearing 2 infinty stones already and one he gain from loki which he have in his cube. In this way Thanos hold 3 infinity stones in his hand.

Thanos moved towards his planet Titan after destroying Thor ship and gaining third infinity stone. Thor stuck in the space but by good luck he was found by the guardian of the Galaxy team. He enters the Thor in his ship and gives him new life. From their Thor moved to another planet in search of his new weapon storm breaker. Thanos sent his army on earth to gain other two infinity stones which were already on earth.

All the Avengers super heroes fight against Thanos army on earth. Iron man, spider man and doctor strange stuck into the thanos army ship. And they reached on Titan Planet. But Thanos was not there at that time. When thanos come to Titan planet they all attack on Thanos but they were defeated very badly and helpless before Thanos. After defeating them Thanos moved towards earth and there he faced Thor and all the super heroes. Iron man and some other super heroes stuck on titan planet and they have no way to move towards earth.

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About Avengers End Game

In Avengers End Game Iron man send a message to Pepper Potts that the oxygen supply is starting to reduce and also there is no food and water. While on the other hand the remaining avengers on earth found a way to bring back their vanquished friends. To prevent the universe from ruins the remaining avengers get togather and once again they trained themselves to fight against  Thanos and his army. For More Details.

Download Avengers Endgame Marvel Studios

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