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Shadowgun Legends Latest Version 0.8.0 | Free To Download

Shadowgun Legends is one of the most interesting video game from 2018. It is a first-person shooting game for android users. The game is developed by Madfinger Games. Whereas the publisher of this is also Madfinger Games. The game is made on Unity. The game has very high-quality graphics. Shadowgun Legends is launched for IOS and Android. The game has multiplayer modes. It is an online role-playing game. It was released on March 22, 2018. Shadowgun Legends Download Latest 0.8.0.

You at the startup born into the central hub. Therefore the hub options many businesses, every having their own Nonproliferation Center that governs it. whereas there’s a bar, a region for dropping into PvP, a weapon look, armor shop, cosmetic look, and even a casino. As presently as you are born into the hub, you’ll be smitten by the graphics. This game options terribly robust graphics cosmetically, however, because the motion on-screen gets faster, you notice a number of the issues within the graphics however none are too jarring.

Mission Details

When you will start completing missions you have to focus on the Fame. Whereas Fame is a point which defines the global ranking of the players. Make it into the highest two hundredth and tiny camera drones can flock you after you 1st hit the hub associate degreed an announcement are created to any or all in your native hub of your presence. this is often not restricted to only fame however additionally PvP ranking also. As you complete quests and different tasks you’ll earn fame, that steady moves you up the rankings.

The missions themselves play get in a awfully straightforward fashion. You initially solely have access to 1 planet, star Galilean, tagged as associate degree “Earth-Like” planet however additional become obtainable whereas you progress through the sport. Once you create it through the loading screen which provides you some backstory of your mission, you’re born into atiny low map space. there’s little or no exploration and also the maps themselves ar terribly linear.

Most missions involve some tap-to-interact vogue missions wherever you kill the offensive aliens in between. Whereas These aliens are called “The Torment” and are available in a very few completely different varieties. Most of the Nonproliferation Center areas feel a small amount trivial but. The Casino features a few slot machines, each for traditional and premium currency and generally reward you with additional however it extremely continually felt like abandonment currency. For More Details.


  • Build your Legend with our revolutionary Fame system.
  • Revel within the modus vivendi of a legendary rockstar mortal.
  • Earn special rewards for having fun and expressing your temperament.
  • Have a sculpture inbuilt your honour or your name on the Walk of Fame for all to check.


  • Experience the foremost advanced weapon and equipment systems in mobile vice.
  • Collect all five hundred fatal weapons and over a thousand completely different armor items.
  • Stand out with many cool cosmetic things.
  • Hunt for the rarest weapons and armor in epic raids.
  • Customize your gear with paints, skins and stickers to face out from the group.

Screen Shots

New Features

  •  New team PvP mode, Capture the Flag.
  • Two groups of 4 vie during this classic multiplayer mode, attempting to steal their opponent’s flag whereas defensive their own.
  • Game-wide co-op, creating all missions within the game playable with another Shadowgun.
  • An offerwall with new ways that to earn Gold.

Improvements In The Game

  • PvP respawn switched to manual permitting player to set up strategy before jumping into battle.
  • Layout changes to Duel maps Jungle research laboratory and Snowdump.
  • Improvements of graphic settings, that specialize in a sander expertise.
  • Duel invites currently work, even once players don’t seem to be within the same hub.
  • Players square measure currently able to revive their teammates and collect control trophies.
  • Fame rewards from talent Ribbons and Medals rebalanced, to mirror player’s efforts higher.
  • Ribbons and Medals from Emergency defend square measure currently awarded properly.
  • Hologram coding fastened, currently giving players the right rewards.
  • Guild messages square measure saved even once the app restarts.

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Download Shadowgun Legends 0.8.0

You can download with your Google drive and easy to download and install on your android device. If you need any help to download and install then please take a look on how to install. There a guide for you given below.

How To Install This Game?

  • First of all download Apk file.
  • Enable “Unknown Source” in setting to install the third-party app.
  • Now install Apk file on your android device.
  • Make sure that you follow all the instructions to be careful.
  • Go to the game icon and just click on the icon and play the game.
  • Now Play the game and Enjoy it.

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