Rise Of Civilization Free Download For PC

Rise Of Civilization Free Download

Rise Of Civilization For Pc | Free To Download

Rise of civilization is one of the most playing game now a day. The one of the top trending game on play store. It is a strategy game. It is developed and published by Lilith Games. In the game start there are eight civilizations. You have to select one of them. In this civilization you have to do construction. Which is the main objective of this strategy game.

You have to construct your civilization and make it stronger. Strong civilization gives you an advantage against warfare. This most playing strategic game gives you many things that you can use to construct your civilization. The game contain 8 civilization,20 heroes and many more items.

The main objective of this game is to increase the strength of city/governor by constructing it. In this way the enemy you can defend your city from attackers and enemies.

The attackers can steal your resources by attacking on your city. It is the responsibility of the governor to protect the city by using different strategies. These strategies include deploying the troops, commanders and upgrading the structure of the city.

In other words, you can say that the governor has the ability to trains the troops, facilitate the buildings and their structures and order the army and troops to attack other players and collect their resources. For More Details.

Rise Of Civilization Real-Time Battles

In this game, battles are not estimated. There are real-time battles in this game. You have to play this game in a strategic way. If enemies attack on your city. Deploy some troops to prevent the city. And at the meanwhile the attack on the enemy city and destroy them

Rise Of Civilization Eight Unique Civilizations

There are eight civilizations given in this game. You can choose any civilization according to meanwhile to your choice. After choosing one civilization, you have to construct it and prevent it from attackers.

Exploration & Investigation

The land in your city of civilization is covered with fog. You have to explore this hidden land and find hidden treasures on this land. You have to the barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves and tribal villages and lost temples.

Conquer the Kingdom

Attack on other cities and defeat them and collect their resources and prevent You to conquer the kingdom by defeating.

Screen Shots

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Rise Of Civilization Free Download For Pc

How to install?

Here are steps to download and install your game.

  1. Download Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for Rise of civilization search box.
  3. You will get the desired result. Click on temple run and Bluestack will install the game in your pc.

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