Town Hall 12 War Base | Best Base

Town hall 12 war base

Town Hall 12 War Base | Best Base Ever

Clan Wars are the most important part of that game. Winning wars can give more loot. To win the war, it is important to set up a good base that can save stars. So, we are here to tell you much more about war base settings. In town hall 12 the mostly strategy used to get more stars is balloon, valkery or bowlers. We are going to show you how to set your base to safe stars. Town hall 12 war base

TH12 War Base 1

That war base is anti one star. As you can see the town hall is placed in the center. So, the attacker tries to reach at town hall to complete his/her one star or 2. Reaching to town hall is very difficult in hat base. That base is specially designed to save one star. All collectors and other resources are placed near the walls to prevent destruction percentage. That saves your star. As the attacker tries to air attack, it is very difficult to use that approach. Air sweeper changes the original direction of balloons and dragons. So they cannot damage much more an attacker wants.

Best Town Hall 12 War Base
Best Town Hall 12 War Base

TH12 War Base 2

That war base is anti 3 stars. You can see in that base the clan castle is in the center of that clan. That prevents to release donated troops before time. When the army reaches in the castle,f that castle , it releases its troops. Therefore, they can bring more the destruction to attacker’s army. So it is a good strategy to prevent 3 stars. Artillery is also protected by 2 layers of walls , so that it remains safe and bring more destruction. Air attack is also not effective in that bulky base. Spaces are left in the base 2 to waste time of attacker.Meanwhile, defense can destroy army.

Best Town Hall 12 War Base
Best Town Hall 12 War Base

TH12 War Base 3

That base is anti-3-star war base. One star can be taken easily because town hall is placed outside of walls. Therefore, clan castle and artillery are in the core of the clan. They are protected by many layers of walls. That base is designed to deceive attacker by giving some greed. Three ways are remained open to go inside of clan.So, giant bombs and hidden tesla are placed in that wall free area. When attacker put troops here, that hidden defense damages more and attackers strategy fails. Elixir storage are on the opposite side of the town hall. As Attacker mostly attacks from the town hall’s side. When troops reach other side troops remained less. Hitpoint of that storage is greater. More time is required to destroy them. Meanwhile, the defense of that side destroys troops.

Best Town Hall 12 War Base
Best Town Hall 12 War Base

TH12 War Base 4

That base is anti 2 star. So that, Base is settled widely. Townhall is protected almost near to the center. Clan castle is in the center of the clan. Hence,Five hidden teslas are used to protect the town hall. Sweepers are placed near townhall to distract dragons or balloons to remain away from townhall. So, townhall can be safe and 2 stars can be prevented. Hence, artillery is almost in the center to attack more troops and can be safe for long time damage more.

Best Town Hall 12 War Base
Best Town Hall 12 War Base

We hope you really gain benefit by using these bases in war. Our Purpose is to provide the real and valid things to the that, people can enjoy themselves by using these articles and save their precious time by avoiding time wasting materials.

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