Town Hall 12 Home Base | Best Base

Town Hall 12 Home Base | Best Base Ever

In the home base TH 12, It is very important to save loot and trophies. Storages should be at save position and protected with defense both air and ground. Collectors should also in the range of defense. By winning the attacking player will get trophies and promoted in next leagues.  Townhall should be in the center to protect 1 star. There must be space between thongs to spend more time of attacker. Town hall 12 home base

Town hall 12 Home Base 1

As it is told in previous lines, the Farming base is designed to save loot and trophies. In that base, resources are on outside but highly protects by the defense. Heroes are also outside to protect outside things to save destruction. Air defenses are properly placed to make it anti-air base. Townhall is not in the center but in the range of clan castle, so that donation can destroy the attacking army that is coming towards the town hall. Thus, three x-bows are used to protect townhall.

Town hall 12 Home Base 2:

Air bombs are placed near dark elixir collector to save elixir. Dark elixir storage is placed in the center because it is mostly attacked. Townhall is in the center to protect one star. Townhall is protected by inferno towers. Storages are spread over the clan to save loot. Giant bombs are placed near walls, as the ground army tries to enter clan giants bombs blasts to damage army. King and queen are also placed near the town hall, they will try to protect the town hall.

Town hall 12 Home Base 3

As we are talking about farming bases to protect loot and trophies, so storages are almost protected by a single layer of defense and walls. Dark Elixir is placed in the exact center of the clan. Townhall is placed near that elixir storage. Hence, It is protected x-bows. It is also protected by five hidden teslas that can suddenly appear when the army reaches in the range of that Tesla. If the attacker tries to get three stars from townhall side, then other side artillery and inferno towers can easily cover that army and destroy the army.

Town hall 12 Home Base 4

To get loot is a little bit easy but to get trophies is pretty difficult because the defense is in the inner core of the clan near the town hall. Townhall is in the range of all three x-bows so that x-bows can target the army that is attacking town hall. Air defenses are almost in the central side so that they can survive for long to destruct more time. If they are present in the outer layer of defense, they can be easily targetted by the army and destroyed. Therefore, that army can damage more and will get more percentage destruction. clan castle is also in the center to save army donated as it reaches in the clan then defense and donated army attacks army at a time to destroy it quickly.

Town hall 12 Home Base 5

That base is designed to save stars. Townhall is placed exactly in the center of the clan to protect that star.  Wizard towers are placed near the town hall to protect it against the army that is attacking it. So, hidden Tesla is placed near collectors to deceive attacker. walls are arranged in a very excellent way. Artillery is protected with separated wall layer.

We hope you really gain benefit by using these bases as home bases to save loot and trophies. Our Purpose is to provide the real and valid things to the that, people can enjoy themselves by using these articles and save their precious time by avoiding time wasting materials.

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