Clash Paradise Private Server Apk Latest Version

Clash Paradise Private Server Apk Latest Version

Clash Paradise Private Server Apk Latest Version | Download Free

Clash of Paradise is also a private server of the clash of clans. It is not the official server of the clash of clans. Clash Paradise Private Server Apk Latest Version. This game is similar to original clash of clans but the major thing it provides to you is the access on unlimited resources like unlimited gems, unlimited gold, unlimited elixir and max town hall 11 and upgraded superheroes.

Clash of paradise is almost similar to PlenixClash. It is one of the most strategic games ever made. Its private server is very stable. But sometime it may be unstable due to multiplayer at a time online on this private server. It also provides the facility of chat with your clan members. It also provides you with the facility of friendly challenges .you can attack your friends’ clans by accepting their challenges and same thing they also attack your clan if you challenge them to attack your clan. This is a very interesting feature of Clash of Clans.

Clash Paradise Private Server

In clash paradise private version update there are many new things. We have already played this game. The screenshots of clash paradise are also given here. This private server provides you with many new features like unlimited gold, unlimited gems, unlimited elixir, upgraded town halls, and many more. It also provides you with many things which you have not in an official server of the clash of clans. 

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What is a Private Server?

 Private servers are administered privately not officially. These private servers work as the official server. These private servers have many modes which you can really enjoy. Also, there are many commands by using which you can get new things. 

 Private servers are the hack version of officially published servers of the game. In other words, you can say that these are the copied version of official servers. There are also many new items and weapons which are freely allowed in these private servers. The Things which you have to purchase on the official server are also available at no cost. Just you have to install these private servers and get ready to enjoy .you can upgrade your items and weapons within no time. Just press the upgrade button and the things will be upgraded instantly within no time.

More About Private Server

Private servers allow you unlimited access which you have not on official servers. These private servers don’t waste the time of their user. Because in official server players have to do everything in the game in a sequence. And also in a limited time which is specified by the developing team. But in private servers, you can do anything according to your need which is allowed in these private servers. The administrator who hosts these private servers can double the items or increase the performance of the game. You can’t differentiate between private servers and official servers. Because both servers have almost the same things or not a big difference between them. But the only thing which makes these private servers most important than official servers is unlimited access. 

The one main thing that these private servers provide is to give the player full access to the game. Like you can do everything which they don’t allow in their official servers. Because of this a most playing strategic game. Due to this reason the developers that allow that user cheats on their official server. So, there are private servers which allow players all facilities which they want in official servers. As we know that there are many private servers of Clash royale like the clash of clans. And each private server has its own specific functionalities and characteristics. These Functionalities make this private server more interesting and attract the attention of the player. Actually, the main purpose of these private servers is to save the time of the players. So that player never disappointed to play a game. 

Clash Paradise Private Server Overview

Clash Paradise Private Server Apk Latest Version provides you unlimited everything like gold, elixir, gems and dark elixir. many private servers are providing many new features like clash paradise provides you with many new troops. These troops are just like clash of soul and miro clash. 

You can attack other clans and defeat easily by using your max can also challenge your friends to attack your clan or you can also attack your friend’s clans by accepting their challenges.  It is the most interesting and one of the best strategic game which you will really enjoy.

You can also try other private servers of the clash of clans. They all have new features and functionalities which you really like and enjoy. These private servers don’t bore the players. Sometimes it happens that while playing game player feels boring that it is a time-consuming game. And it requires a lot of time to stand on the max level. Due to these reasons, players switch to other games. So, private servers help you and encourage you to max everything within no time.

Clash Paradise Server Info

1)Unlimited Resources

2)Unlimited Gold

3)Unlimited Elixir

4)Unlimited Gems

5)Unlimited Dark Elixir

6)Max Town Hall

7)Max Troops

8)Max Super Heroes

Screen Shots


1)Install on Android OS and iPhone OS.

2)Required Android – 4.0.3 and up

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Download Clash Paradise Private Server

Installation Process

1)Click on the download button and download the APK file.

2)Install the APk file on your android device.

3)Get ready to play and enjoy.


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