WarZ: Law of Survival v1.8.1 Mod Apk

WarZ: Law of Survival v1.8.1 Mod Apk

WarZ Law of Survival Mod Apk


Some bugs are fixed in this version of WarZ Law of Survival Mod Apk as you guys reported.

1. Login bug is removed.
2. A few members of you tell about the bug, which is about the game save bug, now this bug is also fixed.

Please install this updated version to get the amazing bonus in your inbox.
Thank you all for your support!

Many of users have the problem to login to the game and not able to play their game where they left. The development team wants to say sorry for that. Now they improve and make sure the game is best now to play as feel free. the player can log in and play as they can easily access to their accounts.

The game is underneath maintenance. Players could lose server affiliation or be unable to login to the game. we have a sorry to area unit compassionate any and everyone the inconvenience.

This is a free shooter and strategy game. Shooting games nowadays are very important for players as they want to play and feel as a commando of force in real time. other than strategy game you ever played that mean your mindset like you are in the game and play like real war. that’s why these type of games are most important for kids and younger.

Preserve your life fastidiously and thwart off zombies and alternative threats. The enemy all over within the measurable, you wish to get on responsive to the confrontation with alternative survivors and zombies to kill them. Kill them, or be killed.

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You can take an opportunity Associate in Nursing attend an abandoned base. God willing, you will be ready to realize precious resources to assist you produce a lot of powerful weapons to spice up your probabilities of survival.




The market is going to be open two times each day. Enter the chat area throughout those times to speak with alternative survivors and exchange data to assist your survival. however ,bear in mind that not all survivors area unit friendly.




Traders could also be used underneath the proper circumstances. they will ne’er refuse a decent deal. Trade with them your unwanted things.


WarZ Law of Survival Mod Apk


Screen Shots:


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  • You can get more same items of any item
  • You can get free craft without any required item.
  • Free Build without required items
  • No Building Requirements
  • Free Upgrade without required items
  • Unlimited Weapon Durability
  • Unlimited Armor Durability
  • Unlimited Coins to get any thing
  • Unlimited Skill Points and Use skill to increase
  • Unlimited Energy which you Buy with unlimited coins


WarZ Law of Survival Mod Apk


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Download APK


Download APK


Download OBB


Download OBB


How to Install?


  • Download apk file and paste it into your smartphone.
  • Now download obb file and paste it in your android device on given location.
  • Install the apk file in your device
  • Paste the obb file in this location: SDcard/Android/OBB/com.warz.law.of.survival/main.181.com.warz.law.of.survival.obb
  • If there is no folder com.warz.law.of.survival in your obb folder then you create it by your self and paste your obb file in that folder.
  • Now click on game icon and play the game.




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