Aerial Legends v3.9.1 Mod Apk

Aerial Legends Mod Apk

Aerial Legends v3.9.1 Mod Apk | Download Free

Aerial Legends Mod Apk A brand new Aerial Legends mod apk for new air tower for defense.
Heroes – it’s you United Nations agency lead the Legends to save lots of the kingdom! It is!

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Game Features

New sensation battle system

Let’s fancy a tower offense game wherever you’ll be able to move your own “Cannon ship” back and forth whereas fighting as a tower defense, or shoot out a battle character known as “Aerial” from associate degree artillery ship associate degrees hit an enemy to form a brand new attack able expertise It is!

Enticing character “Legends”

Players defend guardian kingdom 【guard】 close to summoning varied heroes – Legends from the completely different world and fight along. Legends show lots of acquainted “fairy tales” and “historical figures” in our world! It is!

Decide! Do showy knockout technique “Arts”

Some Legends may also deliver [Aruzu] that could be a deadwaxing technique throughout a battle. should see a spread of Legends artists! It is!
Here we have a tendency to go! Let’s proceed with the battle favorably exploitation the temporal order like that!

Character development and partying organization

Legends on the market within the game is trained by raising the degree of ability by battleing or by strengthening the category level with things.
Let’s challenge the battle by organizing parties together with your favorite Legends!

Let’s restore the castle town!

You will be ready to facilitate restore the castle city of the dominion by continuing with the sport.
In the castle city, you’ll be able to get beside the battle character, you’ll be able to additionally get and sell varied things, thus let’s develop additional and more!

Music and Character Voice Enriching the Story!

Music and character voice Enriching the story is appointed! additionally to the most character coloring the story, attractive voice actors can perform all the enticing battle characters!


Energy supply crammed with the globe 【Air】.
Since the start of the dominion of Highstin, he has enjoyed prosperity by [Air], however suddenly the cluster of monstrous dragons and monsters that have appeared suddenly overrun the land.

The giant dragon known as “Hate Red” gave a cheek of [dark air] and altered each physical object to a demon.

Queen Alicia of the dominion leads the dominion troops and dispatches a far off world hero United Nations agency guards the dominion – [Guard] with the ability to summon Legends, and eventually succeeds in following the massive dragon Hait Red.

However, the King’s army is going to be defeated of a mystery by a new step.
Queen Alicia became missing and also the monster dilated its power to the whole kingdom

Screen Shots

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Download Aerial Legends Mod Apk

How to Install?

  1. Download Apk file from above download button.
  2. Install it in your Android device.
  3. Just click on the icon 
  4. Play and Enjoy!

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