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Clash Of Clans Update | 2018 Latest Update

Clash of Clans update, Clash of clans is very popular among its users from the very first day after its development just because of its maintenance. That organization is maintaining it very well till tomorrow. They are trying to keep users attached to the game by adding new offers like events and troops. Clash Of Clans Update Latest 2018.
Here we will discuss the updates of the clash of clans.

The Clan War Leagues are new Clan War system where one week each month Clans will battle to prove they are the best and get awesome rewards.

Season-based League where Clans fight 7 other Clans in their League to compete and upgrade to the next highest League.

15v15 wars but you can include up to 50 Clan members and change members during each day of the week. Each player can only do solo attack in a war. For More Details.

League Medals

  • Get League Medals by playing in Clan War Leagues
  • Use League Medals to purchase the new Hammer Magic Items.
  • Depending on your Clan’s performance in a League, Clan Leaders can give bonus League Medals to Clan members at the end of the League.

Latest Magic Items

  • Hammer of Heroes, Hammer of Building, Hammer of Spells, and Hammer of Troops: instantly start and finish upgrades
  • Hammers can only be purchased with League Medals which are earned from Clan War Leagues.

Resource Collectors

  • Gold Mine: new level added for TH10
  • Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10
  • Dark Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10

Screen Shots

Training costs

  • Wall Breakers
  • Witches
  • Bowlers
  • Baby Dragons
  • Golems

Gem Donation 

Gem Donation costs have been reduced for the following troops: 

  • Giant: 2 > 3 gems
  • Bowler: 8 > 5 gems
  • Wizard: 5 > 3 gems
  • Baby Dragon: 10 > 8 gems
  • Balloon: 5 > 3 gems
  • Valkyrie: 8 > 6 gems
  • Electro Dragon: 30 > 20 gems
  • Hog Rider: 5 > 3 gems
  • Golem: 30 > 20 gems
  • Lava Hound: 30 > 20 gems
  • Dragon: 25 >15 gems
  • P.E.K.K.A: 25 > 15 gems

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Inferno Tower I

  • Additional Inferno Tower added to TH12

Life Improvements

  • Added Battle replay at halftime
  • Builder base walls can now be upgraded also with builder elixir from level 6 onwards
  • Have no troops selected as default in battles.
  • In-game shop has been regenerated to support more categories, and allow better navigation within categories.
  • “Previous Army” in the quick train menu will now train previously used army (not compulsory the whole army you trained)

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