Free Fire Best Survival Battle Royale Mobile Version

Free Fire Best Survival Battle Royale Mobile Version

Free Fire Best Survival Battle Royale Mobile Version 


Garena Free Fire which is also known as Free Fire is nowadays very Popular Game. Free Fire Best Survival Battle Royale Mobile Version. It is developed by 111 dots Studio but published by Garena. This game is full of action. After PUBG(Player Unknown Battle Ground) it is most wanted playing game. It is almost similar to PUBG. But this game has many new features and also new characters. Actually, this game was released in Nov 2017 For Android and Ios. PUBG was developed by according to this game concept. Almost all the things in PUBG are same as Free Fire.PUBG and Fornite were released after Free Fire. But these games have better features and graphics than Free Fire. Because Free Fire was the first game which introduced this concept of playing this type of game strategy.Free Fire Best Survival Battle Royale Mobile Version.

To start playing, you need to create a personal account in the game, in which you have the right to choose whether you want to create your own game account or if you want to connect to a social network account such as Facebook for example. After successfully logging into the player must configure his profile and explore the game in order to gain knowledge about the game and the methods used to play.  Once all of this is done, the player can start a game by clicking the “Classic Mode” or “Ranked Match” button on the Bermuda (Battlefield) and then waiting until the plane flies over the island. Free Fire consists of up to 50 players Who fall from sky and land on an island with the help of a parachute. The main purpose of these players is to find and collect the weapons and equipment from different places and buildings of the island. After getting weapons and equipment the main purpose is to kill other players with these weapons and equipment. The Space on this island gradually decreases with a dangerous zone by decreasing the number of players. At last which player team will survive. He will be the winner of this game.



1. New vehicle – Monster truck! This demon of a vehicle appears exclusively as an airdrop.
2. New item – Gloo wall. Instantly build a wall as a temporary cover.
3. New character – Paloma
4. Send gifts to your friends and guildmates
5. New melee weapon – BatFixes and Improvements
1. Auto-pickup for certain items has been implemented and can be switched on and off.
2. A modified safe zone mechanism so the longer you stay outside the safe zone, the more damage you take.

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Free Fire Best Survival Battle Royale Mobile Version Free Download


  • “APK” install it on your device

Here is the download link below to download the game and enjoy your game.

Download APK



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