Boom Beach Private Server V33.130 (Unlimited Diamonds & Coins)

Boom Beach Private Server V33.130 (Unlimited Diamonds & Coins)

Boom Beach Private Server V33.130 (Unlimited Diamonds & Coins)


Boom Beach private server V33.130 contains many new things for its players. Boom Beach Private Server V33.130 (Unlimited Diamonds & Coins). Actually, Boom Beach is an online playing strategy game. It all based on a beach. Firstly, you have to build your own base to upgrade your base and other buildings and also unlock your troops. In this private server, you can attack other players in battle mode. While attacking others you have to also defend your base and defense. You have to destroy the enemies bases on the beach and collects coins and increase your rank in order to gain new weapons. Also, there is a cooperative form where players can get together. Boom Beach Private Server.

For survival, you have to collect the resources like gold, wood, stone and many more things. Actually, with the help of these resources gold, stone and wood you can upgrade your buildings, defense, and troops. You have to play this game with the strategy of your mind. You can only defeat the enemies by using different strategies of your mind.

Actually boom beach is the production of a supercell. After the clash of clans and clash of royale, it is one of the most playing strategy game. Million of players everyday play this game and enjoy their self. Hey Day is also one of the famous product of supercell. All these games are very interesting. Because these games are online playing strategy games which you really like.

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What is the private Server?


These private servers give you everything that you simply ever need within the game like if you’re player of boom beach or clash of clans, You higher fathom the worth of gems within the game. You think that if you’ve got unlimited gems then you’ll do everything within the game however you can not try this with the initial server. However that’s potential with the private server, you’ll get everything with gold or gems etc. If you’re not anticipating days you ought to strive these private servers for these games and luxuriate in the sport with filled with resources.

Many game players area unit wished to urge everything within the game like gems, gold etc. However, on the initial server, all that sort of necessary things aren’t accessible for users. They must pay their time within the game to urge of these quite things or resources. However several of player doesn’t need to attend for these items. That’s why Developers admit private servers and supply services for the users and players to entertain them.

what you think that regarding private servers that what quite servers in your mind regarding the private server, here I’m progressing to tell regarding private servers that you simply ought to fathom private servers. Private servers area unit those servers that aren’t hosted by original game servers or developers. Several of high best games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach at their peak today such a large amount of developers admit its hack version. As a result of that’s the most strict factor for many of the game players.


Boom Beach Private Server V33.130 (Unlimited Diamonds & Coins) Overview


This private server v33.130 of boom beach also provides you with Diamond and coins. It also provides you with perks so that you can quickly update your things which have been used in the game. In this private server, you can avail everything free. All Bugs are fixed in this private server of boom beach. You can rank your clan and earn the reward by winning levels. Also, you can play friendly battles. The most interesting thing is ice beam you can freeze the enemies troops by ice beam. Also, you can save your favorite force combination.

you can get everything on this private server like unlimited resources. All these kind of resources like unlimited gold, unlimited gems etc are available for you for free but just use within the game. this game is the private server that is hosted by a private company not the original organization so that’s why there a problem this game does not save your game and your work at the time.


Server Info:


  1. Unlimited coins.
  2. Unlimited Diamonds.
  3. Unlimited Woods.
  4. Daily Updates.


Screen Shots:

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Download Boom Beach Private Server V33.130 (Unlimited Diamonds & Coins)


Download APK


How to Install?


  • Download APK from above link.
  • Attach your USB cable to your phone if you are not downloading the game from your phone.
  • Copy and paste it into your Android device.
  • Now go to settings and enable the unknown source.
  • Now just click on the apk file and install it.
  • After installation goes to app icon tab.
  • Just click on the game icon and play the game.

Note Sometimes may be your device not supported the latest version of apk so don’t worry and try again.



we have searched several private servers for Boom Beach, however, we can’t get the most effective one. several bloggers compose Boom Beach private servers however that’s not still operating. we will attempt to gift the most effective private server of Boom Beach for you. The newest version of Boom Beach private Server progressing to share with you guys seems like everything you would like the game is accessible to you.


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